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Champion Sweet Product!

Salted Vanilla Bon Bons awarded the Champion Medal at the Sydney Royal Food Awards.

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You and your guys are superstars. Keep knockin' 'em dead.

The sinful lusciousness of your amazing marshmallows is unparalleled. Thanks so much for your amazing sweets. - Chris

Hands down the best specialty gourmet sweet producer in the country!!! - Kate

Those marshmallows are divine! Could eat them by the bucketload. - Julia

I took your popcorn to the cinema on Saturday night - That stuff is Ecstacy! - Anthony

The most amazing gluten free rocky road I have ever tasted, along with the caramel slice, chocolate brownies, pumpkin gingerbread, raspberry & choc chip muffins, chocolate fudge, macarons. Everything is fabulous. - Lisa

SWEETNESS Marshmallows are a bit of heaven on earth. - Lisa

I bought your chocolate fudge at the Eveleigh Growers Market on Saturday. My life will never be the same again!!!! This is how I imagined Fudge should taste! Also can not get the memory out of my mind of the tiny mallow that I sampled! - Diane

I ate all the marshmallows!!! They were amazing - especially the chocolate one. Thanks so much for your wonderful creations. - Michelle

I am eating some of your rocky road that I was given for Christmas and just wanted to tell you it is without a doubt the best I have ever had!! - Jenny

Love love love all you are doing! - Lynne

My hubby and I discovered you at last year's Taste of Sydney where we bought your mallows and dark chocolate rocky road. Yesterday Mum and I visited your Epping store and I bought a chocolate macaroon and must i say! oh my goodness!!!!!!!! it was the best macaroon i have ever had!!!!! - Brooke

The most amazing marshmallows on the planet. - Jarther

The Lychee Rose marshmallows are genius! - Justin

The truffles are absolutely mind-blowingly delicious! - T. Bahr

Probably the best marshmallows known to mankind! - Robert